Welcome to Arkham

The cold, desolate town of Arkham radiates with strange and terrible energy. The very ground pulses with an evil aura that is haunting to any normal man who sets foot into town. People vanish everyday, yet no one in the town seems to care. In Arkham, reality is folding into insanity, and the results are truly terrifying. If you dare enter the town of Arkham, you may be greeted by a kind group of strangers. These strangers are a light in the dark that is Arkham. They will protect you, and make sure Arkham does not swallow you alive. They are the Arkham Detectives Incorporated, and they do not play around. If you have the stuff, maybe you to can join this powerful society of hardened investigative mystics. Be warned, however: there is no room for mistakes- a single one may prove fatal. Welcome to Arkham. Enjoy your stay.

Arkham Inc.